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The all-Russian customs broker “Agency of non state customs operators "ÀNTOR" provides a full range of services related to delivery , insurance and customs clearance of goods in the entire territory of Russia including the following services:

· Provision of transportation to loading locations
· Handling all groups of goods;
· Determination of customs value;
· Preliminary calculation of payments;
· Customs payments at a minimal level;
· Preparation of invoices and packaging sheets;
· Supervision of cargoes while crossing the border;
· Customs clearance at bonded warehouses and release of cargoes in accordance with declared customs regime;
· Assistance in formalizing certificates of origin , veterinary certificates, phytoquarantine certificates, hygiene certificates, licenses for import of goods that are subject to be licensed;
· Provision of customs declarations;
· Expediting cargoes from border to bonded warehouse to customs warehouse ;
· Application of simplified customs clearance procedures;
· Customs clearance at customer’s warehouses ;

Assistance in preparing necessary documents for obtaining classification decisions at the customs level or at the level of the Federal Customs Service (FSC) of Russia. Assistance in obtaining the opinion of expert departments of FCS of Russia· Clarification of legal specificities in applying a customs regime;

· Consultations and recommendations regarding the procedure of customs clearance and customs control;
· Consultation on calculation and payment of customs duties, terms and procedures of granting customs privileges;
· Consultation on key methods of determination and monitoring customs value;
· Consultations on reasons to apply customs value adjustments by customs bodies;
· Consultations on customs disputes and practices, appeals against illegal decisions and resolutions of customs bodies (RF’s customs).
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